Moments of Idiocy

See that? No, I didn't just decide to create a colorful towel path from the lounge out to the back door just for kicks (though that is a thought for another day). This is what happens when I have one of my, what I like to call, 'Moments of Idiocy'.

Our laundry is set up so we basically have a tube that empties the water out into the laundry sink. Simple. But last night I took that tube and hooked it up on the faucet knobs behind the washer so I could wash Asimov (what? he has fleas...) without it getting in the way.

Flash forward a bit over twelve hours and I decide that I should try to catch up on laundry while I'm working. I have enough energy for that.

But guess who forgot to put the tube back in the sink.

MOI. (See that there? MOI = Me = Moments of Idiocy. Cleeeever.)

The good news is that the laundry washing machine, freezer, doors, walls and floor as well as the hallway for and part of the lounge got a nice cleaning. The better news is that we have hardwood floors instead of carpet in the hall and lounge.

Still, that's really the last time I want to see the unit we're living in turning into a lake because of me. If it happens again, it should at least be because I've suddenly developed the awesome superpower of creating rain indoors.

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