Best Wishes


Moments of Idiocy

See that? No, I didn't just decide to create a colorful towel path from the lounge out to the back door just for kicks (though that is a thought for another day). This is what happens when I have one of my, what I like to call, 'Moments of Idiocy'.

Our laundry is set up so we basically have a tube that empties the water out into the laundry sink. Simple. But last night I took that tube and hooked it up on the faucet knobs behind the washer so I could wash Asimov (what? he has fleas...) without it getting in the way.

Flash forward a bit over twelve hours and I decide that I should try to catch up on laundry while I'm working. I have enough energy for that.

But guess who forgot to put the tube back in the sink.

MOI. (See that there? MOI = Me = Moments of Idiocy. Cleeeever.)

The good news is that the laundry washing machine, freezer, doors, walls and floor as well as the hallway for and part of the lounge got a nice cleaning. The better news is that we have hardwood floors instead of carpet in the hall and lounge.

Still, that's really the last time I want to see the unit we're living in turning into a lake because of me. If it happens again, it should at least be because I've suddenly developed the awesome superpower of creating rain indoors.


Catching Up With Life

My body decided to throw my for a loop by making me think my appendix was going to blow up. As it turns out, it was my sneaky ovary making all the fuss.

So I’m home now, but I’m sore, exhausted and having a bit of a hard time catching up with things.

Slowly but surely…