30 Days of Truth - Day 01

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Well, you see, I have this habit of starting things on Mondays...

Okay, so I don't find that habit a reason to hate myself. Perhaps think myself slightly peculiar...

So what do I hate about myself?

I hate that I am so scared. I have this amazing life with so many opportunities, and yet I am at home at the computer most of the time, overweight and knowing that I should be doing something more. Barring finances and all that crap, I can do anything that I want. My imagination is the limit.

And yet, my imagination isn't coming up with much.

There are things I want, but I keep putting them off. I need to stop doing that because all it's doing is annoying me, and me being annoyed with myself is just a big bowl of sadflakes.

30 Days of Truth

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