It looks like spring has finally sprung in Melbourne! We actually had humidity today due to a light ran after a weekend of sun. I'm never a fan on humidity, but I'd almost forgotten what it was!

I've been trying to get out and enjoy the sunshine while it's happening. It's gone a long way to helping my mood improve. But, at least I know that I do get SADD and will be prepared next winter with vitamin D tablets.

Unfortunately, other things in my life aren't going that great. The Bloke has been very supportive and friends have, too, but the situation is pretty sucktastic. Apparently I'm not supposed to give a damn. Who knew? I missed the memo.

All of it really has me contemplating - and I'm not the only one. In the end it'll all work out for the best, but it sucks to be in it at the moment.

Life goes on, I'm tired and cranberry vodka.

Anyone have a martini?

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