Christmas is Coming

Ack! Hide the children!

Christmas is coming...

Unlike in the US, where you at least have the buffers of Halloween and Thanksgiving to help stem the flow of Christmas into the earlier months, Australia doesn't have those holidays. We have 'The Race That Stops The Nation', which is something - but it's nothing to most retail shops.

And Christmas is starting to seep in...

Now, I love Christmas. I still feel like it should happen in July when it's actually cold, but I've since fallen in love with the Chrissy barbie. Usually including a heap of prawns in our household.

But still, those are things I want to look forward to. To think 'oh, we'll be able to do that again soon' at odd moments when my mind is drifting. I don't want Christmas items to start smacking me in the face in the middle of bloody October! It's one thing in the middle of November, but this is just getting stupid.

You can be promised that I'm not even going to think about getting out the tree until mid-December, so why should I have the visual assault on my eyes more than a month before the actual holiday happens?

Am I just puffing smoke? Are there people out there who actually like all this early Christmas crap being whipped out at shops?

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