Same Old, Same Old

Melbourne is doing its usual rain, sun, rain, sun, hail, rain, rain in the sunshine, overcast stuff today. At least the brief periods of sunshine mean that spring is trying to, well, spring.

I think I'm getting a little boring here. Maybe because my fourth year anniversary of arriving in Australia is coming up. I'm so used to the darn place that I'm not sure what to write about anymore.

Eh, who am I kidding? There will always be weird things to discover in this country.

Like many people, I am thoroughly annoyed with the AFL draw rule for the Grand Final (rule: if it's a draw, both teams come back the next Saturday). It's such an obvious grab for money that it disgusts me AND the players. Well, they might be disgusted for other reasons, but there was much disgust to be... discussed.


I am actually in the process of narrowing down my massive amount of blogs so I can spend more time concentrating on the ones that are important to me. Sure, I love all my blogs (my babies!), but I'm to the point where I need to give some of them up and focus or give up my dream of being a published novelist.

No contest, really.

I know I'm keeping this one, at least, so it's a beginning point. It's hard to decide between the others, though.

Have you ever had to make hard decisions related to time management so you could make bigger dreams happen?

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deejay said...

everyone has its own dreams but i think priorities should be done one by one, then you are reaching your dreams slowly at the end.