Things That Make Me Sigh

I don't usually get into the 'dirtier' side of my life on this blog because I want it to be fun and exciting. I want this to be a space about life in Australia through the eyes of someone who grew up in a completely different country. And yet... Well, this is my blog. And if you do someday end up moving - being across the country or across the world - some people will never forgive you for it. No matter why you left, there will be people who are mad at you.

And it sucks. But it's part of life. Well, the expat life.

It's through this experience (and others like it lately) that I realise I have a lot of anger to deal with. Right now... Well, right now I am so bloody sick and tired about all my old US "friends" and family whinging and whining about how bad it was that I left and how much I hurt them.

Well what the fsck about me? Eh? I support so many people for the first twenty years of my life in so many bloody ways, and all I want is a little support in return for being brave enough to cut off my life from the woman who would have likely ended up killing me in one way or another. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently, yes.

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