Right Now...

Borrowed from Well-Mannered Frivolity

Outside my window… it is quiet as usual with a cold winter breeze moving through the trees.

I am thinking… of the lasagna I'm going to make tonight, all the work I should be doing but don't want to because of the window and why I write better at night with a lamp with an orange glow rather than white.

I am thankful for… the Bloke. He's awesome.

From the kitchen… ingredients are waiting to be put together for lasagna and a new dessert.

I am wearing… my comfies: a grey sweater I've had for years, dark grey sweatpants and, just for fun, my fun underthings.

I am creating… meals in my mind, stories on my laptop.

I am going… nowhere for the rest of the night. Too cold!

I am reading… Silver in the Sun by Tony Parsons, an outback novel.

I am hoping… that dinner will go well (can you tell I'm a wannabe chef?) and that I'll get a lot of writing done tonight.

I am hearing… The hum of the heater, news on the tele, the husband moving around.

Around the house… not much is happening. We live in a very quiet block.

One of my favorite things… is cooking.

I don’t understand… why people have to be so heartless sometimes.

I wish… I could stop time. And start it again, of course.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Well, I have a double-birthday lunch with John Mischief (mine is the 10th, his is the 11th) and a birthday pub meetup on the 13th.

A picture to share…

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