Life is Strange

Life is weird sometimes.

After finally mustering up the courage and deciding that I was in the right place to do it, I finally sent a letter to my eldest brother. I told him the truth. I told him about the stuff I was going through - namely at the hands of the woman who gave birth to me - and how I left because I no longer felt safe.

I hesitated just once before putting the letter in the mailbox. No matter what it brings, right now I feel amazed and relieved. Whether or not he believes me (I have this fear of people not believing me), I know that right now I am proud of what I did. I won't regret it.

And, having finally done that, another voice from the past has come back into my life.

Someone who abandoned me shortly before I left for Australia (because I mentioned that I was leaving) recently sent me an email. It was to an old account, so the email came about a week ago. But I just read it today.

My defenses are up because I've been too hurt in the past to let anyone back in easily, but I'm still feeling gobsmacked over being contacted at all. This is a person who has wanted nothing to do with me for nearly four years.

At the moment, I am trying to concentrate on AussieCon, but I'm wondering what other strange things life will bring if I continue on this path of not letting fear stop me from doing what I think is right...

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