Going to WorldCon

AUSSIECON 4 – otherwise known as the 68th World Science Fiction Convention – is happening September 2nd – 6th, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia and I get to go!

Sure, I’ll be broke for the rest of 2010, but it should be worth it.

My awesomely awesome friend Nyssa and I were both bemoaning our ‘not enough money to go to con’ fates when a certain literary angel bestowed some funds upon Nyssa. Because of that, Nyssa was able to afford to fly from Sydney and go halfsies on a room with me in exchange for airport transport and a night’s stay at Casa de InkyBlots.

Like I said, it’s made things tight financially, but if I get just two silver tours from the con, then I’ll have covered what I spent.

Have I mentioned I’m a virtual book tour coordinator?

So, yes, a lot of the con will involve me with my professional face on, but I know I will have heaps of fun as well. And, of course, the writer in me is absolutely gaga at the prospect of spending so much time around authors, agents, other wannabe novelists and pure fans.

Is anyone else who reads this blog going?

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