Aussie Eats - Ginger Beer

"This is a ginger beer."

"A what?"

"A ginger beer."

"A what?"

"A ginger beer."

"Oh, a ginger beer."

Did anyone else play that game in school? You'll know if you did because the rhythm of the game will have already gotten stuck in your head. Anyway...

Aussie eats, but she also drinks. And this amber liquid of the non-alcoholic variety is one of my favourites. I have always loved ginger beer, but I grew up with 'Canada Dry' ginger ale.

Not the same.

Ginger beer - specifically Bundaberg - really hits the ginger flavour and is sweet, but not like soda or juice sweet. This drink is perfect for a hot day or to settle your stomach. Fleur mentioned to me once that ginger beer is what got her through the morning sickness of one of her pregnancies.

Duly noted.

Now, I have to note here that I'm not sure if you can find this in the US or not. Like I said - I grew up with Canada Dry. If you can find it, try it. Yummy.

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IludiumPhosdex said...

I suppose there are a few shops as cater to homesick Aussies overseas overseas that stock Bundaberg Ginger Beer. One especially good one I'm acquainted with in the United States is The Australian Catalogue Company out of suburban Atlanta; they have Bundaberg Ginger Beer in four packs and also by the case of 24.

Also stocked there: Bundaberg Lemon-Lime Bitters.