Australian Rules Football

A US friend of mine got a little confused when I proudly announced on Facebook that I had - for the second time this year - tipped eight for eight. Her confusion gave me the idea to introduce those not familiar to Australian Rules Football.

As far as I am concerned, this is real football. No padding. No constant stopping from one play to the next. No coaches on the field. Just men playing football and kicking amazing goals.

What is 'tipping' then? During footy season, you have eight matches over the course of each weekend (usually starting Friday night and ending Sunday). Tipping is trying to guess which teams will win for that round. The round before last, I guessed all winning teams right - eight out of eight.

Reader? Footy. Footy? Reader. Now you've been introduced.


Rob d said...

For your American friend, there is a fan organization for the AFL in the US and Canada: We have TV Info, TV schedules, a fan forum to ask questions, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and FAQs with guides to the rules of the game including a downloadable "table top" guide (see under FAQs on the drop down menu). We also have our own tipping comps with some of the best tippers in the world.

JM said...

Hey Rob. Thanks for the heads up. It sounds like you have a great group going. :)