Aussie Eats - Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll

I thought I would add some more colour (and pictures) to this blog by introducing you to one of the things Melbourne is famous for: good food. (This after good coffee, of course.) Thai, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese... Even Jamaican. If there is a culture, Melbourne has some of its migrants who are working a restaurant or cafe.

I've made a rule to try anything once in the food world, so I hope you enjoy the pictures that are to come.

I'm starting off with a staple of my diet: the salmon and avocado sushi roll.

This sushi roll consists of one or two pieces (depends who cuts it) of raw salmon, a slice of avocado, a little bit of Japanese mayo and sushi rice (regular rice prepared for sushi use) all wrapped up in a nori (seaweed) roll. Delicious and healthy.

The thing about this that usually gets to people is not the seaweed but the raw salmon. I assure you that it tastes gorgeous. The thing that stops people from sushi/sashimi is fish tasting fishy, but your fish should never taste fishy. That means it's not fresh. When you have fresh seafood, then the true flavours come true.

While I do eat a lot of Japanese food, I promise to incorporate more cultures so you can get a real glimpse of why Melbourne is the food capitol.

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