The Plague

The plague infected our household last week and is not letting go very easily. The Bloke is on Day 7 and is just back to work - and probably going to come home early. I'm on Day 4 and, well, it'll be naptime again soon.

Beyond that, Asimov got 'de-knackered' this past weekend, but he has come through it the same as ever. At least his being naughty has come down a few notches. Neither the Bloke nor I have the energy to deal with anything else.


Friday Funny - Marriage Envy

Jill tells her husband, "Jack, that young couple that just moved in next door seem such a loving twosome. Every morning, when he leaves the house, he kisses her goodbye, and every evening when he comes homes, he brings her a dozen roses.

Now, why can't you do that?"

"Gosh," Jack says, "why I hardly know the girl."



Aussie Eats - Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll

I thought I would add some more colour (and pictures) to this blog by introducing you to one of the things Melbourne is famous for: good food. (This after good coffee, of course.) Thai, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese... Even Jamaican. If there is a culture, Melbourne has some of its migrants who are working a restaurant or cafe.

I've made a rule to try anything once in the food world, so I hope you enjoy the pictures that are to come.

I'm starting off with a staple of my diet: the salmon and avocado sushi roll.

This sushi roll consists of one or two pieces (depends who cuts it) of raw salmon, a slice of avocado, a little bit of Japanese mayo and sushi rice (regular rice prepared for sushi use) all wrapped up in a nori (seaweed) roll. Delicious and healthy.

The thing about this that usually gets to people is not the seaweed but the raw salmon. I assure you that it tastes gorgeous. The thing that stops people from sushi/sashimi is fish tasting fishy, but your fish should never taste fishy. That means it's not fresh. When you have fresh seafood, then the true flavours come true.

While I do eat a lot of Japanese food, I promise to incorporate more cultures so you can get a real glimpse of why Melbourne is the food capitol.



Friday Funny - Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot his whole life, which created an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him frail, and with his odd diet, he suffered from very bad breath.

This made him ... A super-callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.



What the Aussie Eats

I make no secret of the fact that I have way too many blogs, but I don't let you know what's going on in the different places very often.

Anywho, I wanted to let you know that on Naturally Curvy, I have taken up the challenge of keeping a visual food diary to see how it influences how much/what/when I eat. It's been an interesting project so far, that's for sure.

Come check it out if you're interested.


Australian Rules Football

A US friend of mine got a little confused when I proudly announced on Facebook that I had - for the second time this year - tipped eight for eight. Her confusion gave me the idea to introduce those not familiar to Australian Rules Football.

As far as I am concerned, this is real football. No padding. No constant stopping from one play to the next. No coaches on the field. Just men playing football and kicking amazing goals.

What is 'tipping' then? During footy season, you have eight matches over the course of each weekend (usually starting Friday night and ending Sunday). Tipping is trying to guess which teams will win for that round. The round before last, I guessed all winning teams right - eight out of eight.

Reader? Footy. Footy? Reader. Now you've been introduced.




I'm back from Tasmania, safe and sound. I'm just trying to catch up with everything that was only beginning to slide before I left.

I'm wishing a happy 4th of July to all my US friends out there. Fireworks are a no-no for most public consumption here in Oz, so no sparklers for me. However, I did grill some snags (sausages) and make a kick-butt potato salad.

I have plenty of pictures from Tassie to put up. I just need a little more time!