Winter in the Air... But Not on the Ground

I don't want to be one of those expats who always drones on about how different everything is. The truth is that I have gotten used to my new country quite easily and never felt homesick. The Bloke tells me that I am too hard on myself and that I have taken amazing steps in the relatively short time I have been here.

So I try not to be too hard on myself and remember all the things I consider to be a normal way of life now.

But I keep getting stuck. With winter.

While I was walking back home from the shops today, it was actually cold enough for my breath to create steam on the air. I stood at the crosswalk lights getting all excited that I could see my breath before people started staring at me and I walked on.

I can't remember the last time in Australia that I have seen my breath on the cold air. It's happened here, but only a few times. The weird thing wasn't so much the breath but the fact I got excited about it.

It all comes down to it being weird for me not to have snow during the winter. I certainly don't miss it in that I have dug/pulled/pushed plenty of cars out of snow banks/ditches/etc, but winter just doesn't seem quite right without it. It's probably too much to ask that I be used to going without something after having it for nineteen years, but still...

I don't like being cold, and yet... Well, I'm considering asking the Bloke about a long weekend in the mountains so I can see and feel snow again.

And make a snowball...

And throw it at him...


We just won't tell him about that last part, okay?


Mimi and Joe said...

Maybe I'll feel different once I get there; but snow seems like the last thing I will miss!!


JM said...

Haha. That's how I felt when I first left.