Goth It Up

Is it too early to get excited about my birthday (two months away)? Am I too old to get excited about my birthday? Because I totally am.

I was at the pub last night with Junior, Little Miss Bubbles and John Mischief, talking about a costume party that John Mischief is going to on Saturday. We then got to talking about costume parties in general and how Little Miss Bubbles had a costume party for her 21st with the theme 'what you want to be when you grow up'.

Such a cool idea!

I'd always wanted to go to a real costume party (not kiddy Halloween parties I went to in the States counting) and it just so happens that I have a birthday coming up. We got to talking about possibilities for a costume type birthday.

The Bloke had me check what day my birthday falls on and... it's Tuesday.

However, it gets better.

It turns out that the Friday after my actual birthday is Friday the 13th! How perfect is that for a goth costume party to celebrate my birthday at the pub?

I feel like I'm being a bit silly to get so excited, but I truly am. Friday the 13th, costume, drinks at my favourite pub. My birthdays have been bloody fantastic since I moved to Australia, but this could really be the topper.

Has anyone out there done anything like this? Any (inexpensive) suggestions for making it a top night?

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