Writing and Reading Spaces

This whole moving thing… Well, this whole ‘unpacking’ thing is taking a lot longer than I expected. It would help if my other would do his side of the unpacking, but I can’t say anything until I’m fully unpacked.

The good news is that my writing space is starting to emerge from all the chaos.

I have a lot to sort out (like getting a chair) in my new writing space, but I’m already getting excited about it. It’ll technically be a writing and craft space, but it’s all good – and it’s all mine.

The door you see on the left is one of two sliding doors that can close off the lounge. The bookshelves on the right divide the writing space from the lounge space (recliners, television, etc). The picture doesn’t do the space justice; the table is as tall or a bit taller than I am (five foot, six inches). It also has an extra middle piece underneath to make it even longer.

Even better? Behind me (taking the picture) is a space filled with boxes at the moment, but it our soon to be reading space complete with bookshelf, bean bags and pillow! I can’t wait to take pictures of that…

Do you have a reading and/or writing space(s)?

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