Time for Gasbagging

(For my non-Oz friends: ) In Australia, when someone says you've been gasbagging, you're most likely a woman who has been talking a lot with another woman. This post? This is going to be a gasbagging post - at least on my part.

Firstly, I didn't expect to have no internet connection at the new place for as long as I was. We got a severe runaround from our ISP, but we eventually got our connection up and running. Of course, I had to get my desk built and my desktop hooked up after that.

All boring details that are taken care of now.

The new place is lovely. We're not completely unpacked, but we're already heaps more relaxed than we were in the old place. No police cars, no screaming matches and no being paranoid about leaving the place for fear of windows being broken into.

Just to add to the chaos, we've added a new member to our family:

This is Asimov, our eight week old male kitten of no particular breed. He's very playful and loves cuddles. He'd always rather sleep in someone's arms rather than in his comfy bed. Unlike all cats I've known in the past, he is very vocal. He'll let you know how he's feeling - especially when he's wanting some attention.

Asimov is the first pet who is truly mine and is the Bloke's and my first pet as a couple. The Bloke isn't a cat guy, but Asimov has even made a place in his heart.

I have found the scale and stepped on it, but I'm not going to utter the numbers. Besides, I've somehow acquired a stomach virus that will certainly influence my weight anyway. Until the unpacking is done and we're truly settled in, I'm going to just look after my health and deal with the other stuff later.

Having moved AND gotten a kitten, the Bloke and I are feeling good about going through with the things we say we are going to do. The next steps will be things like planting some veggies and herbs, exercising consistently and going out less.

Things are looking good...


T. McAlpine said...

Learn something new everyday. Never heard of the term Gasbagging until today. Cool. I'll pass this information on to my students. Many of them go to OZ for working holiday.

JM said...

Thanks for stopping by. :) If any of your students go to the UK, it's 'chin-wagging' there. :)

T. McAlpine said...

Thx for the word.