That Moving Thing

This moving house (technically flat) thing is totally kicking my ass.

Or, let me clarify: The stress caused by moving house (and other things) has caused me to catch a cold/flu/resurgence of glandular fever that is totally kicking my ass.

I hate it when I go quiet on my blogs, but I haven't been able to help it lately. Between the absolute fantastic times I have been having with my mental health lately, the moving, the absolute lack of energy from being sick... Needless to say, blogging has been right up there with all the other things I want to do but just haven't had the energy to get to.

Things seem to be looking up today, though, and I managed the energy to shower (yay!), get on a train and meet the Bloke at his workplace. Even better, I did some writing. Sure, I didn't forward the story any on my WIP, but I now have the slightly disturbed, guilt-ridden past of my main character.

We all have to start somewhere, right?

I'm not kidding myself; I'm not expecting to get any writing (besides work writing) done until we're unpacked and in the new unit. But that makes the times I do write all the sweeter...

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