No, not moving blogs - moving home!

Yeah, it's finally happened. After whinging about this place for so long, an opportunity The Bloke and I couldn't refuse popped up. Starting on April 6th, we'll be starting a new lease with a new unit!

With the increase in police visits, stereo fights (between two of our neighbours - not anything we participated in) and screaming matches as well as the construction noise of thirty-six apartments being put up across the road, The Bloke and I put our housing search into full throttle. Unfortunately, prices in and around Melbourne are freaking ridiculous, so the search was hard going.

However, the universe actually decided to smile at us this time. We have a couple of friends who had a unit coming up for rent with decent rates - cheap for this area. It's not far from where we are now, but it's far enough to take us away from all the freaking noise. It'll cost more than we're paying now, but we can make the money side work. Plus, we've been assured by the current tenant that all the neighbours there are very quiet.

Our lease starts on April 6th, so my days lately are filled with mornings working doubly hard to get work done so I can spend afternoons sorting and packing. This will be my first house move (I came to Australia with one luggage bag and my laptop), and I'm quite excited at the prospect. If for no other reason, I'm happy to have the huge sort through all our stuff.

While the timing could be considered bad with all the mental stuff I'm dealing with right now, I'm finding it to be a welcome distraction. Also, organizing all the stuff has been inspiration for organizing my life a bit as well.

So, if I'm a bit quiet for a while, you'll know what I'm doing...

(Anyone in the Melbourne area want to buy a 68cm TV? How about a hardwood 6-seat table? Portable air-con?)


Princess Jo said...

Sounds exciting. :O

I hate moving :S

JM said...

I think I'm only excited because I've never done it before. :) No one else seems to care for it.