Ginger Beer

Say hello to my most recent best friend.

I'm starting the new year in style: with nausea. I started feeling squidgy (is too a word) on New Year's Eve but pretty much did the 'if I ignore it, it will go away'.

Yesterday, my body would not be ignored, and I scrambled around looking for nausea cures.

This is where the ginger beer comes in.

When I first tried Bundaberg ginger beer, I didn't like it. I'd grown up with Canada Dry ginger ale and found ginger beer's flavour too strong. But, after trying the recommended cool cloth on my neck, ginger and lemon tea (which made things feel worse) and a warm bath, I decided to give it a go again.

Thank Bundaberg for ginger beer. While it doesn't cure the situation, at least now I can work without a bucket at my feet. Most of the time. If I'm brave.

Because of my gallbladder issues, I have been making sure that my skin and eyes aren't turning yellow. They're not. This seems to have nothing to do with my gallbladder, which keeps quiet unless I go too long without having at least a piece of bread.

Even so, I might go into the doc later this week just to make sure. They are supposed to be monitoring me, after all, and I think extreme nausea and migraines might be cause for concern.

Great way to start the new year, isn't it?


Col said...

Try the Diet Ginger Beer. It settles the stomach better due to higher levels of ginger and lower levels of sugar. I use it regularly for nausea, works well.

JM said...

I hadn't thought of going with diet. Usually diet means artificial sweetener, but I'll definitely check it out.