Checking In - The Gallstones

I completed my three days of apple-filled goodness last Thursday and drank the juice/oil concoction to get things going that night. Ugh. Drinking that much olive oil? Even with the grapefruit juice to temper it, it was horrid. I felt horrid. I kept a bucket with me at all times - though it wasn't hard seeing as getting out of bed wasn't something I wanted to do often. I managed to sleep well enough, though.

I was feeling downright miserable on Friday and wasn't able to do a lot of work, which is why I didn't post. I still wanted to see how long it took for me to feel better and to see if I passed any stones that day.

I did feel pretty good by Friday night and even gave soup a go. By Saturday, I felt back to my regular self and the husband and I were eagerly talking about scheduling an x-ray to confirm I'd passed the stones. I was a bit achy in my side by the time I went to bed, but I shoved it off, thinking my gallbladder was still sore after passing stones.

About two a.m. Sunday morning, I woke with the usual screaming pain in my left side and got up to make some flax seed tea to relieve the pain. Something in me kept saying something was wrong. The pain flared up in no time and spread all along the bottom of my rib cage. Where

Shaking as if addicted, I took two of my prescription painkillers and swallowed them down with tea. My stomach responded by cramping and I cried. I could barely focus as, "I can't handle this much pain" ran through my head. If a regular attack is akin to being stabbed, this was...swords through me all along my ribcage while simultaneously being squeezed.

It didn't take long for us to rush to the ER.

After a few shots of morphine, I was finally down to a tolerable pain level. It's a testament to the pain levels that I allowed that much. I hate any sort of medication, but this was just too much.

After a rest and IV fluids to hydrate me, they got me in for another ultrasound. Not only were my stones still there, but the walls of my gallbladder had thickened likely due to infection.

The doctor said that the bile duct wasn't dilated, indicating that I hadn't passed any stones. All three stones are still happily residing in my gallbladder. Perhaps they even saw more on the scan. I didn't ask.

The husband and I asked heaps of questions about what happened and the possible causes. There is no reason to blame the attack on doing the apple treatment. According to the doctor, infection can happen at pretty much any point if a stone shifts and blocks something.

So, an attack that is worse than a regular attack (regular attacks being the ones said to be worse than childbirth) that can happen at any time - even if I'm watching what I eat.

You can see why I left the hospital feeling a bit cranky.

Things have calmed down now, but I'm still a little edgy. I have had a low grade fever most of today, which indicates it is infected and fighting against the antibiotics. I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping it doesn't go into full blown fever. Every twinge leaves me a bit teary-eyed over the prospect of having another attack at the magnitude of Sunday's attack.

At the moment, I'm just going with the 'ignore it and it will go away' philosophy (except for checking my temp every so often). I'm debating another go with the apples, but it left me feeling so miserable last time that I'd sometimes rather they just yank the thing out. But I'm going to wait a while longer before I go making any decisions. At least until I'm less tired and this fever has broken.

So... That's me. What are you up to?


Jenera said...

::hugs:: that sounds like a terrible few days. I hope it gets to feeling better soon.

JM said...

*hugs* Thanks. Taking it day by day.

Fleur said...

Get better! It sounds terrible!