Café Review: Gourmet Junction

This is going to be my first review without pictures. Read on to find out why…

When you walk into a small(ish) community shopping centre, appearances can be deceiving. A small, ordinary looking café might have the best coffee this side of Melbourne. But then again, it might not.

Gourmet Junction is a small take-away place that serves traditional fare: coffee, chai, milkshakes, wraps, sandwiches, treats, dim sims, etc. It’s one of the dozen or so smaller shops in the centre and is smack dab across from Coles and between a bakery and a Chinese takeaway place.

Not exactly the most atmospheric .

The coffee is, well, sub-par. My husband won’t even have a cup of it just so I can take a picture, which is why I don’t have a coffee picture. Between that and me having my gallbladder out so I’m off the chai, we’re just plain out of pictures.

Speaking of the chai, it’s lovely. You can get vanilla or spice (I always go vanilla), and it’s always delicious. If you have a mug of it (sitting down, not take away), then you will get a small sesame biscuit which is perfect for submerging in your chai before eating.

If you’re a person who likes soy milk instead of dairy, however, this is a place to avoid. The soy milk they use is, according to my taste buds, horrible. It ruins the chai, and I would hate to taste what it would do to a coffee.

The only reason I’m giving this place a rating above menu is because I don’t mind sitting and watching the world go by. The endless stream of traffic going in and out of the supermarket across the way usually provides an interesting amount of entertainment. But that is really the space’s only redeeming feature – you’re still sitting in the middle of a small shopping centre dominated by big companies.

I can’t give this place much of a recommendation for anything other than the occasional chai you might want to pick up. Unlike the name, the food, drinks, atmosphere and everything else is standard. You’re not missing much if you pass this place.


Shop 13
Ringwood Square, New Street
Ringwood, VIC


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