Picture This...

(Or 'You Know You're in Melbourne When...')

You're standing across the four lane highway (two lanes each way) from the train station, waiting impatiently for the pedestrian light to go green. The rain is pouring down, turning into big, wet water bullets with the force of the wind.

You hold your umbrella at a 45 degree angle. One, to block the barrage of water bullets. Two, because holding your umbrella any other way would snap it faster than a twig in the hand of an angsty teenager.

And yet, the impossible happens: As you're staring across the highway at the equally frustrated people over there, the sun shines.

Only visitors to Melbourne take note of this.

You look around in disbelief. You still see the menacing grey clouds filling your view of the sky. The rain is still pelting down on your umbrella and everyone else. Your inability to move your umbrella tells you that the wind is still blowing just as fast.

Yet, there is a little patch of sunshine nearly all the way across the highway and more that twice as wide.

Welcome to Melbourne.

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