The Next Step

Well, The Bloke and I talked to a GP on Wednesday night, asking every possible question we could think of about gallbladders, non-surgical alternatives and life without my gallbladder.

She said that January is 'quiet' for elective surgeries - yep, elective - so I shouldn't expect to have surgery until February if that is the route I decide to go with. With the surgical consult now not happening until after the holidays, it's looking like February is likely.

I was frustrated by the delay at first, but I realized that it gives me much more time to consider and try alternatives. As much as I'd like to live without the pain, I'd much rather keep my gallbladder. Surgery just plain doesn't appeal to me, so I am now putting more effort into researching natural alternatives.

Think what you want of natural treatments, but more natural living and alternatives have done more for me than hospitals and pre-packaged crap has ever done for me. If there is a way to keep my gallbladder, then I am going to go for it.

I must admit that I am nervous about passing stones my size, but people have talked about passing bigger ones.

As The Bloke said, it could be the non-surgical treatment I'm looking for. If something goes wrong, we have the hospital not even ten minutes away.

I know it probably sounds a bit risky, but all my options are risky at this point. Passing the stones is risky. Keeping them and living with the pain is risky. Having surgery is risky. I'm just choosing to try the risky option that has the most benefits (namely, keeping all my organs).

It's certainly an interesting way to enter the New Year, but I was the one who said 2010 would be a year of many changes...


Jenera said...

Maybe you'll luck out and by the time a surgery would happen, you'll have found another way to resolve the issue. Definitely look up some natural ways to pass them or dissolve them.

JM said...

Thanks, Jenera. Thankfully I have something that has had a 100% success rate for getting rid of stones so far. :)