Three new members of my body family - Thing One, Thing Two and Mimi

All three are a big pain in my gallbladder, though none are blocking anything important at the moment. They range from one being about 1/5th the size of my gallbladder (Mimi) to the largest being about 1/4th the size of my gallbladder (Thing One). (Thing Two is a middle size, but leaning more towards being as big as T1.)

Yep, I've gone and named my gallstones. I figure if I give them names, they'll be nicer to me. Even if I do plan on getting rid of them.

I confess to having looked at my ultrasound CD a few (or more) times. I know that one fourth of my gallbladder is only 2.5 centimeters (if that), but it's still weird knowing I have these three stones floating around inside me. Oh, they make their presence known often enough after the two early morning attacks in a row, but it's strange all around.

They look like beans.

Getting up every morning and checking to make sure my eyes haven't gone yellowish is certainly a new experience. They're pretty big, though, so I doubt they'll actually move to block anything. Still, I have to go to my GP tonight to give a heads up. They're supposed to monitor me until my surgery consult, but I don't know what they'll check in on that I can't keep track of myself.

I'm just hoping that this won't ruin Christmas or New Year's. The consult should happen sometime between now and next Wednesday, so I doubt they'd schedule surgery until after New Year...


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