Café Review: Batemans Bay Bakehouse

When my husband and I travel, we don’t like to get stuck into any one place for food. We like to explore the area and take our chances. However, there are times when we find a place that is so good that we can’t resist breaking our rule and going there as often as we can until we have to move on…

Batemans Bay Bakehouse is a lovely corner deli style café on the main street of Batemans Bay you will likely drive or walk on if you’re touring around or looking for something to eat in town.

Gorgeous floor to ceiling windows around a modest eating area means being able to enjoy the sunshine and foot traffic while keeping away from the occasionally chilly breezes or rain while you eat.

BBB Courtyard

There is also the outdoor seating option, well protected from the sun by large café umbrellas with the added cool bay breezes and a quiet courtyard to gaze out at if you sit at the edge. Though a smidge crowded at times, this is my favourite option.

BBB Fresh Juice and Coffee

Fresh squeezed delicious juices and delicious build-your-own focaccias are my personal favourites off the delicious menu and open cakes/pies selections.

BBB Foccacias

If you’re going to stop here, you simply must build your own foccacia (or roll). With fresh, quality ingredients including many things from chicken to tasty cheese, you’ll be sure to get a foccacia (fresh or toasted) that you won’t forget any time soon. I went for a chicken, cheese and avocado fresh foccacia that I still drool about.

Of course, you can get savoury pies, rolls, croissants, cakes, gelati, tarts, sandwiches, wraps… Do I really need to go on? It is a bakehouse, after all.

Bakehouse Coffees

Of course, a café review wouldn’t be complete without a bit about the coffee.

A good measure of a barista is how well they can follow directions when you’re specific about how you like your coffee. At Batemans Bay Bakehouse, they listen to what you want and follow directions to a ‘t’. A strong cup of coffee with a strong 4 cups rating, it was worth coming back for the coffee if nothing else.

Speaking of coffee, one thing my husband noticed while we were there is the barista on duty obviously knew what she was doing.

It’s easy to see this is a popular meeting as well as takeaway place. Prams and conversation a’plenty, I would be shocked if you ever found yourself sitting in the bakehouse alone. And, even then, I have no doubt that the staff would be great for a conversation.

Not only that, they remember what you like when you come in the next day. There isn’t much that will make you feel more valued as a customer than that.

I could definitely spend the morning or afternoon there enjoying the food and reading my novel.


Batemans Bay Bakehouse
Shop 6, Blandford Plaza
Orient Street
PO Box 1174
Batemans Bay, NSW 2536

(02) 4472 3999

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