Café Review: My Chocolate Shoppe

Caught out on a hot, sticky day in Kiama with a few hours to spare before we were meeting friends, the husband and I were wandering around looking for somewhere to relax. Of course, I opted for the first place I saw that combined two things I really wanted at that moment: air conditioning and chocolate.

As you probably have figured out by now, I have a thing for hardwood floors. Stepping into the air conditioned comfort of My Chocolate Shoppe in Kiama, I immediately fell in love with the hardwood floors and deep blue walls of this space. With jazzy music playing in the background and soft lighting as the day grew darker, I couldn’t help but feel relaxed.

My Chocolate Shoppe is a ‘posh’ shop, but only in positive, comfortable ways. It’s a small shop, but that makes it feel intimate and familiar. My husband and I opted for cushy chairs in front of the large store front windows so we could watch the world go by. (Please forgive me for the lack of location pictures. I blame travel tiredness and heat tiredness.)

The shop is a busy one – is that any surprise with such fine chocolates and other chocolate gourmet goodies on offer? – but it never feels crowded or even noisy.

My Chocolate Shoppe Coffee

The coffee at My Chocolate Shoppe doesn’t disappoint, providing a rich, full bodied cup of delicious hot liquid. Not a man easily impressed by any coffee, he readily rated his coffee at a strong four out of five – and he has never tasted a five.

I, of course, didn’t have any interest in the coffee, as I was reveling in this beauty…

My Chocolate Shoppe Iced Choc

I originally ordered a chai latte, but after seeing a woman at another table receive one of these… Well, I just had to have what she is having. After all, what better time to indulge than while on vacation?

And what an indulgence it was.

With two scoops of ice cream – one vanilla and once chocolate – a generous heap of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top, I have never had a lovelier iced chocolate. Turning her nose up when asked about chocolate syrup, you could really taste the fine Belgian chocolate difference.

At six dollars (AUD), it was the most expensive iced chocolate I’ve ever had, but – in my penny-pinching opinion – it was worth every single cent. The care put into everything from the chocolate used to the presentation was brilliant.

I am happy to give My Chocolate Shoppe my first ever reader rating of encyclopaedia, a place I know they would have to kick me out of before I would ever want to leave. I can only hope that they open a location in Victoria or I can relocate to New South Wales.


My Chocolate Shoppe
Shop 13 – 206
Terralong Street
Kiama, NSW


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