Café Review: Flying Emu Café

Halls Gap is a small down in the heart of the Grampians mountains, located in western Victoria. With beautiful views all around, wildlife like kangaroos wandering close and a lot of homey small shops to explore, it makes an ideal vacation spot. You wouldn’t want to be in the crush of tourists during the season, but I was fortunate enough to travel through during the off season.

On the main street through Halls Gap there is a set of small shops called the Stony Creek stores. Amongst them is the Flying Emu Café.

Flying Emu Café

A café couldn’t have a more perfect location.

Flying Emu - Outside

You can choose to sit inside in the nicely sized dining room with large windows lining the front and modest decorations. Or you can choose to sit outside and enjoy the lovely sunshine, absolutely gorgeous mountain views and the sound of the nearby creek.

Flying Emu Park

As we waited to place our orders, I couldn’t help but notice the menus on the table. Pictures included, the menu contained ten different ways to have your coffee. This lends the impression that they are coffee experts, but…

The coffee is okay, but not very well made. There isn’t a lot of depth to the flavour.

The don’t make chai, either, but they have things like hot chocolate so you won’t be lost if you’re not a big coffee drinker. (Or if you don’t care to give the coffee a go for yourself.)

Flying Emu Devonshire Tea

The scones, jam and cream made for a delicious decadent brunch choice. The scones are served so warm and fresh that you must break them with your fingers and not cut them with your knife, lest you turn the inside doughy with your cold knife. I wasn’t actually aware of that before we ate there, but my husband informed me quickly when he saw me reaching for my knife.

While the scones are delicious, they are also huge. One serve (two scones) is enough to split between two people.

The coffee was a bit lackluster, but the beautiful environment and tasty traditional fare made it a place that sticks out in my memory. It is a place I will visit again (in the off season).


Flying Emu Café
Stony Creek Stores
Hall’s Gap, VIC

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