I'm Ready

Ever since Jenera posted about tattooing your significant other's name on your body, I haven't stopped thinking about it.

Even before I got my first tattoo, I had two rules about any permanent markings on my body:

1. It had to mean something. No drunken misadventures, no dares, no 'because it looks cool'. I'm a complete tattoo snob in that way.

2. No names or dates.
Okay, that's kind of two rules put into one, but it works. No names or dates because you never know what you won't want to remember ten years down the road.

Even though I was utterly devoted to The Bloke since our first online conversation, I still stuck to my rules. Sure, he made everything happen that inspired my second tattoo (Celtic butterfly), but still - no names.

I have thought about putting his first initial or initials on me, but I didn't go any further than that. Yet now, after reading Jenera's post...

If The Bloke were to do something really - I mean really - nasty to me or if we were to break up for some other reason, I still cannot fathom looking back on this time with him with any disdain. Even if he did to me the things that people did to me back in the States that played a part in me leaving, I know I would still look back on our time thus far with a smile.

So I have made my decision - I'm ready. I'm ready for The Bloke, my husband, to have his name on my body. And, for all the possible tattoo ideas I have had, this one is the one I have settled into the easiest.

I was thinking possibly simple but elegant script on my shoulder as a possibility, but then I got to thinking that I could add his name and either our marriage date or the date of my arrival in Australia (or both) and have them put below my butterfly on my right wrist.

Another alternative would be the lower back of my neck and have his name under or over an ohm symbol (which I decided months ago to have put on my body anyway).

All are significant, all are symbolic - so there are no worries there. I am by no means breaking rule number one. It's just a toss-up with which way to go...


Jenera said...

Your tattoo is beautiful! I have a tribal lion on my back and I love it. It's all black with just a red eye.

Anywho, each one of my tattoos has been so carefully planned. My next will be Sam's footprint and name for sure but I'm trying to decide what next.

JM said...

Thank you. :) I'd love to see a picture of yours.