Driving - And Walking - Outside the United States

When you’re walking down the sidewalk or even passing people in a busy hall, take a moment to which side of the hall people drift to depending on which direction they’re going. I’ll bet that most people move to the side they are used to driving on. In the States, that would be on the right.

This is something I hadn’t even thought about when I came here, but when I started bumping into people a lot at the mall, I began to really look at what I was doing. When I walked towards people, I saw them go to the(ir) left, instead of going to my left like I expected.

I realized it was my natural habit to drift to the right when walking in a place with two directions of human traffic because I’d been driving long enough to have that fully ingrained in my mind.

So when you’re walking around in Australia (or any other country that drives opposite the US way) and find you’re bumping into people, take a look at if you’re going to the right instead of the left to avoid people.

And you thought driving in other countries was hard.

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