Conserving Water in Australia

When you flush a toilet down under, does the water go the opposite way? Yes. The thing about Aussie toilets is I’ve have yet to see one where the water doesn’t just rush straight back instead of swirling around.

I just thought we’d get that out of the way.

The thing that makes Aussie toilets different isn’t the way the water swirls, but the fact there is (more often than not) two buttons on top of them. No one jiggly handle for the Aussies. Why? Because Australia has been experiencing a drought and is focused on water conservation.

The two buttons are easy to figure out, if you think about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t and ended up having to ask my husband. There is usually either a smaller button or a button with a slash through it for using a little water, and a bigger button or a button without a slash for using more water.

You can figure the rest out.

So if you’re ever traveling in Australia, do your little part to help conserve water.


Jenera said...

I think that may make going to the bathroom just way too complicated for me, lol.

JM said...

Hehe. It's easy to get used to. I promise.