Café Review – Tiamo 1

While travelling around Victoria and popping into various cafés, there are certain places that forever stick in your mind for one reason or another. The café I am reviewing today is one of those places.

tiamo 1 and 2

Tiamo is an interesting café with a prime spot on Lygon street in Carlton, but it is not interesting so much for its location than its neighbor – Tiamo 2.

While Tiamo serves more as the traditional café, Tiamo 2 is located just beside it, providing everything you could want from a traditional Italian cuisine establishment. Of course, the co-businesses use the to their full advantage. The elegant looking pasta and pizza dishes are often served outside in front of the café goers, and the delicious coffees are on full display for the restaurant goers.

However, Tiamo 2 will be a review for another day.

While we should have picked a less windy day for sitting outside to enjoy our coffees, the experience was still a highly enjoyable one that I would love to do again. Opting for more traditional wooden seating, Tiamo feels a bit more homely and welcoming that the typical café.

Inside, Tiamo is a small, cozy coffee bar with equally cozy tables and an atmosphere of comfortable intimacy. While the tables outside have more of a newspaper reader rating because of environment, inside is, without a doubt, novella status.

The staff are wonderful, friendly and attentive without being overzealous about it (a pet peeve I have about waitstaff). Whether you are sitting inside or out, there is a lot of good energy all around with customers chatting away, staff keeping busy and overall, a lot of people having a good time.

tiamo 1 cafe coffee

The coffee is what you would expect from a true Italian place on Lygon street – hot, strong and with rich flavour even in a simple standard shot. Even my usual flat white packed a rich coffee flavour that surprised me, as many places interpret ‘flat white’ as ‘warm milk’.

Tiamo is a place I am looking forward to going back to, not just to relax with a wonderful coffee but also to visit the neighboring Tiamo 2, the scents from which almost tempted me to sit down and eat when I wasn’t hungry.


303 Lygon Street
Carlton, VIC 3053

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