Café Review: Gallery Corner

Having grown up in the country and now living in the suburbs, occasionally I find myself missing the things you only get in the country. Country pubs, country shops, country people and, of course, country cafés.

While Hamilton isn’t a particularly small country town, one café in particular there never fails to bring back all the good feelings of small down cafés and delicious country cooking:

Gallery Corner.

This is actually not the first time we have stopped by this cozy little place, but we made sure to hunt it down once more on our second time through. (It made that much of an impression.)

Hamilton Coffees

The coffee is good but not spectacular. A coffee connoisseur would be very likely to pass it by. The short macciato is of a three cup rating quality. However, the short black brought the rating down to a 2 ½. However, there is so much more to a place than the coffee, which is why I never review a place strictly on the coffee and never review having only had takeaway.

Hamilton Café Meals

The food at Gallery Corner is delicious, country style food both in preparation, proportions and flavours. Everything is served fresh (with the unfortunate exception of the mushrooms, which came from a tin) and hot. I recommend the BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) while my husband highly recommends the big brekkie.

There is plenty available for both eat in and takeaway, including…

Corner Café Hamilton

…a huge display of cakes, biscuits, pies (of the savoury and sweet variety) and more. (The picture only shows one part of the display.


While there aren’t any couches or a true lounge area, I can easily imagine myself sitting here for a couple hours chatting, reading, writing, eating and even sitting in front of the large windows people watching… The place has a sort of wholesome country style environment that I miss while I’m stuck in the suburbs.

Not only that, but the staff are happy and friendly as well, so it’s hard not to be inclined to stick around.


Gallery Corner Fine Food
175 Gray Street
Hamilton, VIC

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