Sharing is Caring - A Picture

Confused? Check out this post.

I debated quite a bit over what photo I would share. I considered one of me, at least partially, but I decided against it. As I was flipping through, I saw this lovely sunset over the mountains, and I figure you don't get more me (besides a picture of physical me) than that kind of picture.

I've always been a sunset person, not a sunrise person. I've also always been drawn to mountains for some unexplainable reason.

This is one beautiful peace of the world in western Victoria, Australia.


Hanlie said...


Am listening to "Rain" from your playlist. Beautiful!

JM said...

Hi Hanlie. :) Glad you like it - and Breaking Benjamin, too. :)

Bright-Eyes said...

That is so beautiful. I want to be there right now. Seems peacful...

JM said...

Thank you. :) It is a lovely spot, to be sure.