Mild Concussion

This is a magpie.

This is a magpie diving on a human.

This is where I where I should have a picture of what happens to your head when a magpie divebombs you and you're not fortunate enough to be wearing a helmet.



I didn't take a picture because one, I didn't feel like it and two, it wasn't that bad. I turned my head enough to get a thud and scratch to my head rather than the temple gouging I think he was going for.

Anywho, after an interesting day losing a bit of my vocabulary, going in and out of nausea/dizziness and trying to bake when short term memory wasn't that great, I've been trying to take it easy this weekend. I still have my headache, but the rest has fixed itself.

Just a warning, though: when it's spring in Melbourne, be careful about young cocky magpies and don't wear black and white scarves. Okay?


Emma said...

That's how you got your concussion?!? What a story! =)

Glad you're feeling better!

Hanlie said...

So the wild life in Australia IS dangerous! What an experience!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I shouldn't laugh, but ...

It *is* sorta funny, my friend.

Take care of the head, though. You do sort of need it. As I'm sure you were just reminded (concussions suck, huh?).

JM said...

Go ahead and have a laugh. :) It is kind of funny.