The Cricketers Bar – The Best Bathrooms in Melbourne

I know, I know; this has to be one of the strangest post titles I’ve come up with. But bear with me.

A sporty, cozy kind of bar on Spring street and across from Parliament Station, the Cricketers Bar sees a wide assortment of patrons. From politicians to stray tourists, plenty of people wander in for a drink and a chat to the friendly staff.

You’d never guess (except for some of the patrons in fancier attire) that you’re drinking at part of the Windsor Hotel.

With memorabilia of cricket from days gone past on the walls, there is plenty to look at and talk about. Not that socializing is ever on the decline. The place is small but comfortable, making for a great place to relax – especially on a hot day after work.

Now for the explanation of the title.

The Cricketers Bar, part of the Windsor Hotel, has the best bathrooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of relieving myself in. They’re not just big. They’re not just fancy. They’re awesome. Tiled floors, fancy lights, wooden doors… Think of a grotty pub bathroom and then try to imagine the complete opposite.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go and have a drink. When the time strikes, I’m sure you’ll be at least half as surprised as I was.

They’re impressive. Trust me.

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