Ask What You Will - Answered

When I first invited readers here to 'Ask What You Will', I didn't expect much of a response. Lo and behold, I have some wonderful - and some personal ;) - questions from you.

Today I'm going to answer those questions...

Jenera asked...

~Do you own any adult toys?

Yep! Not anything very exciting because toys tend to be expensive.

~If yes, what is your favorite?

I only have the one - a rabbit vibrator that hasn't worked for months. I haven't had the time nor the need to take it apart to see if I can get it to work again.

(The Bloke will always be my favourite sex toy. ;) )

~Which toy would you love to try?

There is actually this little butterfly strap on thing that has a wireless remote used to make the well-placed butterfly vibrate. I'd love to try that because The Bloke would have control over the remote.

~If you could have any dog, what breed would you choose? (without worrying about landlords, space, cost, etc)

I really think German Shepherd just because of the love, the intelligence, the cute factor, plus - to be honest - the number of German Shepherds The Bloke has trained. I'm in love with Staffys as well, but German Shepherds still top the list.

~Do you have a dream car?

I'd have to say a Hyundai Accent in the most recent year possible. I'm not a lot into cars for more than getting from a to be with little petrol consumption and good mechanical support/warranty from the company.

~How many kids do you want to have?

In the multiples lottery, I'm a lot more likely to have twins than the average woman. I've known this since a very young age, so I've never really thought about having fewer than two children. Three is pretty much what I've had in mind when I think about it.

~If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

Australia. I haven't had the chance to visit Europe or South America, but I really can't imagine a place grabbing my heart and keeping it like Australia has. There is such a beautiful diversity of life and landscapes here that I can't imagine being happier - in regards to landscape, wildlife, exploration, way of life, etc - than I am here.

Hanlie asked...

How did you meet The Bloke and was it love at first sight?

I met The Bloke on an online writer's forum. You could say it was love at first chat. We danced around each other a little bit and ended up having our first chat on yahoo messenger last from about 9pm my time to about 7.30am my time. And even then, we only stopped talking because I had to go to class.

It was definitely love at first chat, though. He had me head over runners from that first conversation.

What makes you cry?

Ah, lovely. Haha. I'm actually a bit sensitive, so I cry over a few things. Human cruelty (what we do to each other and our children) can make me cry, thinking about things I went through when I was a child can make me cry (less often these days), when I want to make someone's life better but it's out of my hands I can get a bit teary-eyed...

Oh, if The Bloke gets even a little teary-eyed, I'm gone. I cannot handle that well at all.

Emma asked...

Are you developing an Australian accent yet?

A little bit. Fewer people seem to notice, but Australians are the accent experts of the world so they still notice. I am to the point where I'm learning about the finer things in regards to pronunciation. For instance, an American would say Mildura (a town) whereas Aussies pronounce is almost like Mildjura.

I think I would sound a little strange to people back in Wisconsin, but not true Aussie.

What about all these deadly Australian animals we hear about? Have you encountered any?

Most of the deadlies are in the bush, whereas I'm in a suburb. So no, I haven't encountered many. However, on my last trip out to western Victoria, we did come across this little fella...

He's an echidna. :) You don't want to get in this guy's way. In the picture he is wandering around the country pub we were at. One of his spikes came off, so to give you an idea...

These guys? Okay. I just want to keep away from the spiders and snakes...

Do you like to wear slippers?

Yep. Love 'em. I'm wearing a pair now.

April asked...

What are some Australian sayings that had you stumped the first time you heard them?

The rhyming slang is always interesting, but you pick it up fairly quickly.

"trouble and strife" = wife
"Have a Captain Cook" = have a look (this one took me a little while)

I'm sure there are a couple more I'm just not thinking of at the moment.

DaveP asked...

Can you see yourself living in Australia for the rest of your life? If so, what will you miss the most about the U.S.?

Oh, yes. I'm a permanent resident now and plan to become a citizen. I have no plans to live anywhere else.

I get asked what I miss most quite a lot, actually. I think, above and beyond all, autumn in Wisconsin. Autumn is still my favourite season since moving here, but there is something gloriously, wonderfully beautiful about autumn in Wisconsin when all the trees are turning such fabulous colours, the days are getting longer, the corn is growing yellow in the fields... Yum.

What other countries are you eager to visit?

Shall I name them all? I would love to go on a world trip because there are so many places I'd love to go. Japan, China, Singapore, India, Egypt, all around Europe, etc. The Bloke went on a world trip a few years before we met and I love all his stories from the places he visited.

What style of writing do you prefer: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogging, other?

When I'm doing the writing? Well, blogging is certainly the easiest, which means it has a definite draw. The instant publication quality of it is not only intriguing but gratifying in certain ways.

I think I will always prefer fiction above all because in the imagination, nothing is impossible. I know that sounds cheesy, but that is what it comes down to. You are the only limit to your imagination.

However, I must say that, after having about half a dozen people tell me I need to put my life story into a book, non-fiction has risen in its appeal to me. Not because people are intrigued by the things I've done but because there is an amazing release in writing down where you have been, no matter how much you may thing it's boring.


Phew! Thank you all for the wonderful questions that truly got me thinking. You're welcome to ask more if you like, but I rather think people know more than they wanted to know about me now...



Jenera said...

Oh yes the butterfly one...I've pondered that one as well. And I agree on the crying thing. If my hubby tears up I'll end up crying too. Or his best friend. I've seen him tear up once and I almost lost it.

DaveP said...

Nice answers, very interesting.

I asked about living in Australia because even though I'm British through and through I'd like to live in Japan, even if it were just for a few months.

Holidays are one thing but it takes more than a fortnight to get under the skin of a country. Which is what seems to have happened to you with Australia.

As for the writing, I agree on the blogging front - it's addictive and instant gratification. Having said that, I also love poetry and fiction, it's just that I'm not very good at either lol.

Judy said...

That "wombat" looks like an echidna to me.

JM said...

My bad. I always get the two mixed up for some reason.

Dave - You're definitely right. I assumed you meant long term/forever, but I would love to spend time living in Japan, Peru, certain areas of Europe...

Emma said...

That was fun! :)

That echidna is cute, but then...that spike is huge! =O

Hanlie said...

Thank you so much for answering! I really enjoyed that... I saw the most amazing toys the other day, but they they are sooo expensive... I love browsing though.