Sleepy Time

I just looked and it's been a week since I've posted. Eesh.

I'm still quite pissed off at the blog network I work for. The majority of us still can't log into the majority of our blogs. I have to be honest and admit I've appreciated the break from it in some respects, but let's just say I'm going to try to teach myself how to make a website.

Otherwise, I've had a lovely weekend. The Bloke and I called it an early night on Friday and stayed in.

On Saturday we drove to Chelsea to a lovely little cafe called Centre Stage, which I have to write up a review about later. We then headed back home for a few hours before heading to my beloved Pugg Mahones for a pint of birthday Bulmers. Hehe.

The Bloke had already been acting a bit strange here and there, arousing my suspicions, but I didn't say anything. But when we headed to our reservation at the Sawasdee in perfect time and he suggested a walk around the block, I was sure something was up.

As it turns out, we walked into the Sawasdee and found a table for six instead of two. As a surprise birthday dinner, The Bloke invited our good friends: the man who married us (I need to think of a good blog name for him) and his wife, and the most absolutely fabulous couple you could ever meet. I don't have blog names for those guys either (I'm a bit tired to be creative), but they are sweet as sweet. I love them so much.

The Wedding Man and his wife were lovely and gave me gifts of a small trendy coin or phone pouch, a notepad and a lovely pen. My lovely St. Kilda Boys (nah, doesn't sound right, but it'll do) gave me an exquisite book filled with dozens of recipes - all with a common ingredient:


Does it get anymore thoughtful than that? With my growing obsession with baking and such, I found all the gifts to be wonderfully thoughtful.

We had an absolutely delicious meal (not surprising at the Sawasdee) filled with wonderful conversation. We didn't want the night to end, but we were all getting a little tired.

We said our goodbyes to The Wedding Man and his wife on the corner. The St. Kilda Boys were kind enough to walk us to a trendy little bar restaurant in Hardware Lane called Pop. They had a friend who is running it and The Bloke and I wanted to check it out.

They left us to our drinks and The Bloke and I had a wonderful 'chilling out' drink in the lounge on the second floor of Pop. The cocktail lounge was mostly empty except for us and we sat at the window, watching people in the street below.

We were too full for more than one drink or to try any of the delicious sounding menu items (the owner listed off a few for us when he came up to say hello). The drive home ended up being mostly quiet and we went (nearly) straight to bed when we got home.

Today has been a lazy day. I got the cleaning bug and sorted through some junk. And tomorrow will be my proper birthday but, alas, the start of another week.

To be incredibly boring, I think I'll go to be now...


Anonymous said...

Mmm. Chocolate. I'd like that cookbook!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Take two... stupid laptop... I hit the return instead of the shift key. Or something. I can't figure it out...

JM said...

No worries. *hugs*

It's a lovely book. There are way too many things I want to make.