Saying Goodbye

No, no. Not to The New Australian.

Back in 2006, I was freshly transplanted in Australia with so many new things happening in my life. When the former owner of a writing forum I used to frequent mentioned that he was helping set up a blog network, I jumped at the chance. What better way to help start up my new life?

I originally applied as the scrapbooking blogger, something I laugh a bit at now because my scrapbooking skills are okay, but I don't do it very often. I received an email from the aforementioned former forum owner saying that the spot had already been filled.

Given I knew the guy, I didn't feel awkward virtually pouting a bit about missing out on the opportunity. I casually mentioned that I wish they had a fiction writing site spot open because I would love to write about that.

Lo and behold, was born.

From crazy beginnings of earning mere pennies per month and ten posts per week to a network of good friends as well as better pay, 451Press grew to be a place I thoroughly enjoyed.

Things were far from perfect, but I spent time as president of the Blogger Board for the network, I made an incredible amount of friends and I gradually took over six blogs. My baby, however, was always Fiction Scribe.

I have learned so much over the near three years working there, both through trial and error as well as from my wonderful friends. Not so great people have came and gone, great bloggers left us for greener pastures and we had enough problems to make the truly loyal among us do their best to keep the network going.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough (for various reasons).

And so I must say goodbye to my babies. They are still up, but I no longer have access to them. Not even to let people know that they can find me here. That's probably the saddest part of all. I will miss the correspondence with so many great people.

Thankfully, I have kept up with some people by linking to here and places like Facebook in the past, so that's something.

My friend Paul, whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know through 451 (I think we're the two oldest bloggers there in terms of who has been there longest), has written another great post about missing his site ToyBender.

I hope you'll stick with me here until I can get new places set up. I'm already setting up a new book review site that will have a twin site on Wordpress. I'm also quite eager to get going on setting up my diet/fitness site. I don't think I can go for too long without all the wonderful support I received through weight loss blogging.

I'm not sure what I want to do now to mourn 451, but I do need to mourn. That's three years of my life given to something that has now been taken out of my hands.

I think I'd like a drink.


Hanlie said...

I'm sorry that this has come to an end for you. I'm sure your friends will find you wherever you go. Can we leave a forwarding address in the comments of those blogs?

JM said...

Hi Hanlie. That is an awesome idea. I am off to do that now.

Winnie said...

I am glad you will still have a health/fitness site. I have enjoyed following your progress all this time!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hanlie's right. When I switched from Blogger to WordPress so suddenly, I ran around and left the new url everywhere I could.

You know I'm here to help ya, babe. Just holler.

JM said...

I'm still trying to sort out the new places. :) I had thought I'd just pop Wordpress onto hosting and there you go, but it's turning out to be a bit more complicated than that.

I sent an email. :) I appreciate the help.