Well, it looks like my blogs might be down. Permanently. Forever.

Ugh. I feel like I have been kicked in the gut.

Fortunately, I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity to expand and grow. That's why I'm asking for help.

Do you know anything about building/running/hosting websites? Who do you recommend for hosting? Where did you get your domain? Did you buy or build your template?

I have so many questions, but it comes down to me wanting to be able to start a website (or three) and not knowing much about the process at all. So if you have any advice/suggestions, please let me know.


Toni said...

Do you really think 451 is gone? I just don't know what to think.

I wasn't locked out until today.

JM said...

The sites have been down before. The forum has been down before. Kim has been laid off before. We have had our pay delayed before.

All at the same time and for such a length of time? Never.

I'd say that if this isn't the end, it's the closest we've come to it.

Toni said...

I can't really complain too much, because my laptop died recently so for the last couple of months my posts have been sorta sparse.

I was feeling really bad about it, but then stuff like this happens and I feel like they don't care about us at all anyway.

JM said...

They don't. Period. So I wouldn't feel too bad about it.

Toni said...

True. I'm just going to miss hanging out with everyone on the boards. Oh, right, and the money I made blogging. ;)

JM said...

I think we're all going to miss the people we met. Of course the money was a huge thing, too.

Hanlie said...

I registered my domain through Dreamhost and also use them for hosting (if you're interested, I can give you a $50 discount code). My blog is also hosted by Dreamhost (on the same domain) on a Wordpress platform. For website development I use WYSIWYG Web Builder, which is easy to understand and perfect for my purposes. Blog themes I find for free online.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I forwarded this post to the Tour Manager. We own the West of Mars server and blah blah.

He's the tech dude. I'm just the talent. So any answers need to come from him.

You know I'll help launch your new thing if I can!

JM said...

Hanlie - I have to admit - I'm so intimidated by the whole prospect. However, I have always loved the look of your site.

Susan - Thank you, lovely lady. :)

The Tour Manager said...

Did blogger eat my comment?

JM said...

Hm, I think it must have.

Bad Blogger!

The Tour Manager said...

Short answers:


Not GoDaddy (or any other sites for John Q Public)

Through DynDNS


What do you want to know? We'll help where we can. Email me at webmaster@you-know-where or go through Susan.

Dorothy Thompson said...

Jaime and I are looking for the same thing. This whole and is confusing. I know the latter is free and I know the org one is the one where you can change your templates, but I'm still confused. I wish there were somewhere on the web that showed you how to do what I want to do step by step...I feel like everything is thrown at me too fast. I have a blog on blogger that I want to move on to a blog and I have a really neat template I want to buy, hard is this to install? And here's something else? They're telling me I have to find a host? They're recommending Is that a good one? Ack...just so confused.

Toni said...

I'm not sure if you know, by Jerri Ann Reason set up a new blog network with some of the survivors (!) at You can check it out and email her at to get more info if you're interested in joining us.

JM said...

Thank you all for your responses.

Dorothy, I hope you find the information you're looking for.

Toni, thanks for stopping by. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to jump back into a network just yet.

Toni said...

I completely understand! But at least it's out there if you decide you want to try.

JM said...

I've sent her an email. :) Very exciting.