Digital Cameras?

While The Bloke and I do have a digital camera, I've been thinking about getting one of my own. Ours is a bit heavy, and I get nervous with it. I would like something small but sturdy that I can toss in my bag and that can stand getting dropped.

Something that is easy to use, not a lot of complication, is best and preferably something I can use with one hand. A big screen is great. I don't really care what colour it is, but I do like the ones with a little curve on the front on one side to it conforms more to your hand - if you know what I mean.

The less in price, the better. I don't want or need anything spectacular, just something nice I can take with me as I run around.

I'm more of a Samsung kind of woman, but I am willing to check out anything with a really strong recommendation from you.

So, any ideas?

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