A Day in the Life in Photos (Sunday)

I always love those 'day in the life' kind of posts that people put up with photos of what they're doing - even what they're eating. I'm not sure what exactly is so appealing about them, but I just can't seem to get enough of them.

Of course, I wanted to do one myself.

Forgive the quality of some of the pictures and the overall boring quality of the post. This is just a first.

Yay! Pajamas. The Bloke bought me a pajama set (matching bottom, top and blanket!) as a weight loss reward. I've been meaning to take a pic for ages now. I wore these all morning.

I made triple chocolate chip bikkies (cookies) for the people at The Bloke's work after The Bloke made a few comments about someone else's bikkies being quite nice. Sigh. I am competitive and always one to spoil The Bloke.

The finished product was quite yum, but I am someone who loves all chocolate - white, milk and dark. I so could have crashed my diet on these. Thank goodness they were due to go to the office.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to one of our favourite places - Pugg Mahones in Carlton. We watched two footy games, drank...

I was good at first! See! I had a glass of water while The Bloke had Guinness.

The pour an excellent Guinness at Pugg's.

Buuuuut, they're the only place I know that has Bulmer's on tap, so I had a pint... or two... Oops. Yum!

We ended up tipping eight for eight on the footy and won a meal voucher! Woohoo!

I hope I did well for my first photo post. I want to do more in the future. :)


Hanlie said...

Now I'm craving a Guiness! To be honest, it's been a while since I've had alcohol, so one of those will probably knock me for a six.

JM said...

Ugh, I can't stand that stuff. Hehe. And you're right. I've discovered that I'm now an incredibly cheap drunk.