Birthday Bliss

Aaaah. I have had the most wonderful birthday a person could ask for.

I've already talked about Saturday night, and now I have pics of my loot. Hehe.

From The Wedding Man and his wife, my lovely notepad and pen as well as the pouch I'm using as a money pouch.

Now, I have to apologize for the blurriness of the photo. It looked fine on the camera. Anywho, this is the book with the dozens of chocolate recipes. The little things sticking out are my markers for the things I want to make first.

Yeeeaaaahhhh, I'm not good at deciding between recipes.

I've already decided on what sweets I'm going to give The Wedding Man and his wife and the Lovely St. Kilda Boys. I'll take pictures of them when they are ready.

And this morning...

When The Bloke and I were woken up by the trash truck this morning, The Bloke said, "By the way, I forgot to tell you something last night."

I asked (barely awake at this point), "What?"

"I took off work today."

The silly man decided to surprise me by taking the day off for fun. It all started with waking me up a little later to take a shower, saying only that he wanted to leave by nine.

We headed into the city and he took me to the most wonderful breakfast-all-day place in Melbourne. The same place we went for our first breakfast as a married couple.

Cafe Sweethearts

We started off with our usuals: a long, strong macchiato for The Bloke and a chai tea for me.

We were just short of being total gluttons and started by splitting a serve of wholemeal blueberry pancakes (I haven't had pancakes for years!) with hazelnut butter and maple syrup. Yum. They're soooo good.

We then both ordered Eggs Forestiere: Two poached eggs on English muffins with bacon, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce. I had a bit of avocado on the side with mine. Double yum. I couldn't finish it because of the pancakes, but I gave it a fair go!

Despite the rainy day, things only got better from there.

After wandering around South Melbourne a bit to work off the breakfast, we headed back home and lazed about for a bit. I wrote up my list of needed ingredients for what chocolate goodies I want to make as well as a few things - like a muffin tin - that I needed.

We headed into the shops and The Bloke spoiled me rotten. I got my muffin tin, all sorts of ingredients, some gourmet chocolate for decorating one choc item, and more.

Then we headed to a shop specialising in kitchen supplies of all sorts. I have to stop myself from drooling when I walk around in there. I thought we were just going in there to look at things a bit, but it turns out The Bloke had something else in mind...

This little baby is my final wonderful birthday present. Courtesy of The Bloke:

That, my friends, is an icing gun with eight tips that also doubles as a cookie press - also with attachments for making eight different shaped cookies.


All I want to do all day is bake and use all my new goodies and ingredients. I'm in love! Yay. And I love all my friends, of course, too.

We finished the night with watching my first James Bond movie ever: Quantum of Solace.

Yep, I loved it.

Tomorrow it's back to work (heck, I did some tonight), but I'm going to enjoy every last moment of this day.


Emma said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a great day.

JM said...

Thank you Emma. :)

Jenera said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday!!!

JM said...

I did, thank you. :D