Baking Adventures

I know I shouldn't question the good things, but I can't help but marvel at what baking does for me.

Logic says a woman on a diet should not be baking whatsoever, but since starting my diet, I have not only lost weight but also really hit my stride as a baker. There is just something the baking does for me that I don't find anywhere else. When I'm stressed out, frustrated, need to get away from the computer... Baking calms me down every time.

I have sampled some of my goodies here and there, but I don't really have a problem for the most part. Today I had a lot of fun...

^ These are the centres for the chocolate creams. I made them yesterday because they have to chill and dry out for at least twelve hours.

I originally had some problems cutting the cream centres because I don't have a cookie cutter. As it turned out, my Australia shot glad made a fantastic substitute.

This is the first batch of my lovely chocolate creams. They're quite messy, but I had to make do with what I had for melting the chocolate and dipping the cream centres in there.

Here are the rest of them. I ended up with a little bit of chocolate leftover, so I made some makeshift haystacks. We didn't have any chow mein, so bran sticks had to suit. It actually worked out pretty well in the end. The Bloke gave his thumbs up to both the creams and the haystacks.

Then it was on to the cupcakes! I couldn't get all the ingredients in, but I thought it would be fun to take a picture anyway. If you're wondering, the cream cheese and the white chocolate is for the frosting.

The recipe said it served for 18, but I managed 12, which ended up being fine. A couple were a little big, but it's all good.

My lovely cupcakes baked and close up. I'm impressed with the choc chips, which kept their shape quite well.

And from above.

Ah, the end result with cream cheese frosting and choc curls. Yeah, they look like they were decorated by a child, but hey, it was my first time using my frosting gun. Plus, cream cheese frosting is a bit different to work with compared to regular frosting.

Here is the rest of the batch next to the pile of choc creams. I'm putting them all the fridge to chill out for a bit, but then I'll box up a couple cupcakes and some choc creams to send with The Bloke to work.

Did I mention that these are made from recipes out of the choc recipe book I received for my birthday? These are thank-you presents for The Wedding Man and his wife, and for the St. Kilda boys.

I hope they will like them.


Winnie said...

Baking is a big stress reliever for me, too. Those goodies look yummy!

Jenera said...

That all looks so so very good. I'm drooling!

JM said...

Thanks, ladies. :)