The Streets of Melbourne – Entertainment Everywhere

When you visit Melbourne, it’s all well and good to visit the well-known sights, but you could be missing out on one of the features that makes Melbourne my favourite city to wander around on foot in: street entertainment.

To truly experience a city, there’s not much better you can do than wander around and take everything in. From musicians to artists to ‘living’ statues, the streets of Melbourne are full of all sorts of interesting sights and sounds – many of which you can miss if you opt to drive everywhere and/or stick to the main tourist destinations.

Looking for a unique gift? There are plenty of paintings, crafts and other things on sale from street vendors. Want to help support your local musicians? Take a short walk and you’re bound to come across guitar players, one-man/woman bands and even some performers who need only a mic and the interesting sounds they can make.

Admittedly, you do get the good with the bad, but in my experience, there has been a lot more good than bad. There has been some downright weird, too, but that’s Melbourne for you.

And even if you’re not that interested, keep in mind that these people are trying to earn some money. If you enjoy the craft/painting/etc, why not get it? If you enjoy the performance, consider tossing some money into the hat.

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