Speaking Australian Part Two – Not for the Easily Offended

When it comes to Australia, one of the first things you (should) will notice about Australians is their sense of humor. Overall, most Aussies like to have a bit of fun and stir people up a bit. If you are easily offended, then Australia might not be the place for you.

Poms, Kiwis, and other Non-Aussies

Australians are the first to make fun of everyone - including themselves. Thus, it only makes sense that they come up with nicknames for people from other countries (and for each other).

Here's a quick list of what you might be called when you get to Australia.

Common use:

Kiwis - From New Zealand (For the record, New Zealanders call Australians ‘skips’)
Poms - From England
Yanks/Septics - From the US
Canucks - Canadian

There are many more here, but they might get you in a fight, so it’s better to learn them later than to remember them at the exact wrong time…


Stitcheroo said...

why septic?

JM said...

Well, you won't hear that one too much, to be honest, because it's more of a derogatory term. US citizens = Yanks which rhymes with 'Tank' which led to 'septic tank'. You're more likely to just hear 'Yank'.