Speaking Australian Part Three – Socializing

Drinking and eating are a huge part of the Australian lifestyle – especially if you are in Melbourne, which has some of the best food on the planet. If you get the chance to go out and about (and I highly recommend you do), here are some basic terms to help get you by:

Your Shout

No, you aren't quite talking about shouting... This phrase you'll often hear in pubs and slightly less often in restaurants.

Basically, if you're calling your shout this round, it means you're paying for the round. If you get in a ‘shouting match’ that means each person in the group will take a turn buying a round. People who skip out on their shouts will often find themselves without a lot of friends.

A Cuppa

If you're invited in for a cuppa, by all means, accept!

A cuppa invitation is basically someone asking you if you'd like to sit down for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a bit of chat and relax time.


Sheila is a term that isn't as in popular as it once was, but it's still in use - even if it can be slightly derogatory these days.

Simply put, it's a term for woman. However, it's not usually used for a high-society or 'lady' type.


Where there's a sheila, there's likely a bloke. Bloke, unlike shelia, is in no way derogatory and is in common use.

And it means guy or man. Bloke also serves as a more specific description for a guy who's a man's man. All around guy who isn't into fashion, hair highlights, etc.


Bonza is another term not used as much as it used to be, but you can sometimes still hear it said.

Basically, it means good or very good. "That was a bonza concert!"


Feeling a bit crook? Obviously we aren't talking about a shepherd's crook.

If you're feeling crook, it means you're feeling ill.

And again, remember to not be easily offended!


Silicon Valley Diva said...

What a handy list. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go one day!

JM said...

I hope you do get a chance. It's a wonderful place. :)