Security at the Library

You know it’s time to move away from a suburb when you have security people wandering around the library of all places.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I’ve been to the library twice recently and there have been upwards of five security people wandering around in the late afternoon. I’ve made the connection between workers coming home and the time the security people really start wandering around, but otherwise...

I’m stumped.

The Bloke and I have put off out moving plans for the moment because jobs haven’t come through with interviews just yet. Personally, I’m okay with waiting for the moment because I’d rather move out of state. In terms of stamp duty, Victoria is the most expensive state to live in with Western Australia coming in a close second.

New South Wales is about tied with Tasmania for being the cheaper states (Queensland is the cheapest) and I’ve been eyeing New South Wales as our new home for a while now. If it takes a few more months of waiting to get a job there...

That is, if a nice job pops up.

I wish this wasn’t so difficult. Sure, everyone has a building up period in their lives, but The Bloke’s and mine are different for reasons I don’t want to discuss here.

Anyone have a nice IT helpdesk job in NSW, ACT or Queensland up for grabs? Not entry level stuff, mind you. The Bloke has been working with computers for a long time.

I just want to get out of here and on with our next stage of life...

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