Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Even if you have only a few days to visit Melbourne, one of the places you can't miss is the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Just a short walk away from Flinders Street Station, the gardens are not only easy to get to, but they are HUGE! If you're on limited time, you probably won't get to see all of the gardens, but it is definitely worth it.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne has a variety of different plants, flowers and trees from all over. Everything from rose bushes to bamboo can be found as you wander around. It's truly beautiful to take it all in. There are many winding paths for you to wander and many more places to sit down and enjoy.

Pack a picnic basket and blanket so you can make a lovely afternoon of it or bring your favourite book and get some sun.

Don't worry if you don't bring your own food and drink (though you should at least bring a camera) - the gardens has its own cooshy tea room with everything from ice cream to more substantial food available. They also often have music playing as well.

You don't have to be worried about people on rollerblades, bikes or skateboards, either, as you wander around because all of those are prohibited in the gardens.

Not only is it a fantastic place to visit for all the reasons above, the also have workshops, guided tours and other events on. It's fantastic! If wandering around looking at flowers and trees (and all the other interesting people who visit), check out what else is happening or perhaps enjoy a meal at the cafe while looking out at the gorgeous surroundings.

And the best part? It's free to get in.

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